Three researchers are trapped in an Austrian cave after water unexpectedly rose quickly | Abroad

Three scientific researchers were trapped in Lamprechtshöhle Cave in Austria on Friday. The meltwater in the cave unexpectedly rose rapidly, blocking the exit.

The Lamprechtshöhle cave system is located in Sankt Martin bei Lofer in the Austrian state of Salzburg, in northern Austria, not far from the German border. It is a cave system 60 kilometers long and considered one of the deepest caves on Earth.

When scientists were on an expedition to collect stones, they were suddenly surprised by an unexpectedly rapid rise in meltwater on Friday. As a result, the exit route is blocked.

However, rescuers are optimistic that it will turn out well. “They are three well-equipped professionals who know what to do in a situation like this,” said Monica Fichtner, head of the rescue team. She says there are safe outlets where they can hide, and emergency rations are also available in caves.

Cooler temperatures are expected in the coming days, so the water will quickly disappear. According to the local speleologist, it is impossible for scientists to reach the exit while swimming.

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