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HLN’s TikTok account (@hln_be’) and Martijn Peters, science expert for HLN and VTM news, have been nominated for a Jamie Award. HLN TikTok could win ‘Best Online Video Team for Brands 2023’, and Martijn Peters for ‘Best Caption Maker 2023’. Both were also nominated for a Jimmy Award last year. The Flemish Online Video Awards will be held on February 2 during the Ostend Film Festival.

account HLN on TikTok He now has over 355,000 followers. Every day the team presents news tailored to young people. “We want to reach more young people through HLN and News City in general and TikTok is the perfect platform for that,” Jonas Lips, who started the account, said last year after the account was nominated. “It’s especially popular among teens and young adults. TikTok’s popularity really continues to grow. HLN wants to be where people expect it to be, for as wide an audience as possible, including young people,” says Lips. Meanwhile, on TikTok, HLN is a well-known name When it comes to news.

This is also the case for Martin Peters. He is active on various social media platforms including Tik Tok. More than 112,000 followers follow his personal account there. The videos that Martijn shares are about different topics, but science is always the common denominator. “I get inspired by what’s going on in my life, what I see on social media, news in the world of science, and from videos where people tag me. There’s no doubt that I’m absolutely crazy,” Peters explains. It’s the third time she’s been nominated. Our science expert for the Online Video Award. He even won a Jimmy Award for “Best Explained 2021.” According to Peters, the recognition is nice, but what’s even nicer are the reactions to his videos: “What’s really heartwarming is the young people saying on TikTok My videos made them study science or now they no longer find science boring but fun.”

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Science expert Martyn Peters has won the Jimmy Award for ‘Explainer of the Year 2021’. © Belga Photo Court Displayer2

The best online video makers are awarded prizes at De Jamies. These are Flemish creators who create video content on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Instagram in different genres and styles for an equally diverse group of viewers. HLN-TikTok is nominated in the category: “Best Online Video Team for Brands” and our science expert Martijn Peters is nominated in the category: “Best Explainer Maker”. During the celebratory evening in February, The Jamies will award no less than 15 video makers in various categories. In addition, the audience votes together on “Creator of the Year” and “Video of the Year.”

Browse for dejamies.be To cast your vote yourself. This is possible until Friday, December 29, 2023.

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