Tim Cook unhappy with several Apple leaks: ‘It really has to stop’

Tim Cook has warned Apple employees to stop leaking confidential information. This is evident – ironically – from a recently leaked memo.

Read on after the announcement.

Tim Cook angry at Apple leaks

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a stern email to his employees, stating that he is not satisfied with a leak of classified information. While the email shouldn’t encourage more leaks, the content itself has now been leaked. Yes, it hurts.

Cook is open about his disappointment with the many leaks lately. He writes, “I’ve heard that many employees are frustrated by the leak of information from our last staff meeting.” “This came after a series of product announcements, many of which were also previously leaked.”

Cook continues to talk about his shared frustration. “The communication only works if the information we share with each other remains within Apple. We are currently doing everything we can to find out who released the information. Our small group of responsible people should not work.”

An accurate rendering of the iPhone 13, which leaked months ago

Product details are increasingly leaking early

Apple product announcements are no longer the big surprises we remember from the old days. Unannounced offers, specifications, prices and increasingly unannounced product names are leaked in advance – sometimes months in advance.

As a result, the “wow factor” of the new product is not present. After all, we already know what exactly is coming. This has to stop, says Tim Cook. He ended the email happily on a positive note: “We will continue to focus on the lives we change, the connections we make and the work we do to make the world a better place.”

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