“Time is running out for Scottish seed potato exports”

Now that Scottish seed potatoes are not allowed to be exported to the EU, former buyers of the seed potato sector are seizing the “Brexit opportunity” to expand their own seed potato cultivation. In Ireland, proposals were submitted this week for a €3 million investment support scheme for the Irish seed potato sector.

As a result of Britain’s decision to leave the EU and after the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1, 2021, imports of seed potatoes from Great Britain to the EU will continue to be prohibited.

Announcing the scheme, Agriculture Minister Charlie McConnell said: “Given the challenges facing the Irish potato sector in meeting the annual demand for high-quality seed potatoes following the UK’s exit from the European Union, I am delighted to announce the approval of this Special Agricultural Action Scheme.”

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has warned Defra that the “clock is ticking” on Scottish seed potato exports until progress is made on reopening trade with the EU.

Thompson: “We’ve been told that Brexit will bring huge benefits to farming. In this case, the benefits will flow fully to seed potato farmers in Ireland as their government saw the Brexit opportunity and gave their own farmers and growers €3 million.

Source: thescottishfarmer.co.uk

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