Taliban shoot in the air to disperse a women’s demonstration

Taliban fighters fired into the air on Saturday to disperse a demonstration of women demanding the right to work and education in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Reports from France Press agency in the region.

About 40 women chanted the slogan “bread, work and freedom” as they passed the Ministry of Education, before a group of Taliban fighters dispersed them by firing a volley in the air about five minutes after the start of the march.

It has been less than a year since the Taliban once again seized power in Afghanistan. This meant a step back, especially for women and girls. The protesters carried a banner that read “August 15 is a black day,” referring to the date of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul in 2021. “Justice, justice. We are tired of ignorance.” The women chanted, “We are tired of ignorance.”

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Taliban fighters in uniform and armed with rifles blocked the women at an intersection and fired into the air for several seconds. One of them pretended to shoot the women.

Some of the protesters then fled to nearby shops, where they were chased by the Taliban and beaten with rifle butts.

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