Tip: This is how to search by date in Google Photos at lightning speed

In Google Photos, you can easily request all photos and videos with specific date. You can see it in a jiffy without scrolling. It works in both the app and the desktop version. We show you how this simple tip works.

Search Google photos by date

at Google photos The overview for all of your photos consists of a long timeline, with your most recent photos appearing at the top. If you want to quickly find all the photos from a specific date, there is an easy way to do that, because you can only enter the date in the search bar for both the app and the desktop version of Google Photos.

If you want to search for a date, use the “month-day-year” or “mm-dd-yyyy” format. For example, you can fill in “02-12-2020” if you want to see all the photos from December 2 of last year. Then it appears in the picture at a glance. If you are using the web version on your computer then you can also use the search bar, but another option is to set the url, for example: “photos.google.com/search/12-02-2020”.

Search by date in the application

Smarter filtering options

Anyone who uses Google Photos in English on their phone can do a lot with the dates in the search bar. For example, you can specifically search for pictures of dogs on a specific date using “Dogs 11-14-2017” or you can search in a timeframe. “Dogs 2012-2021”. It is also possible to display all photos before or after a date using “Pictures Before 1-1-2021” or “Pictures After 1-1-2021”. Although we still have to wait for these advanced search options to work in Dutch as well.

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Tip: This is how to search by date in Google Photos at lightning speed

You can also set url to search by date

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