to retreat? These 5 apps will help you get back on the right track

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In our society, there is still an air of taboo about seeking help for your psychological problems. If you feel you’re not ready for it, special apps can lower the barrier to seeking professional help. While the apps below won’t be a complete replacement for the real wizard, they can serve as a helpful tool to lighten your dark thoughts.

1. happy

Do you want to reduce your stress level in a fun way? Then “Happify” is for you. By playing science-backed games, you become less stressed, build self-confidence and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The creators of the app have a good dose of humor and their job is to put that smile back on your face.

2. Fit the mood

This free (!) app challenges you with personalized tasks to work on your mental health. Moodfit measures your mood, so you get a nice overview. The goal of the makers of this is simply to get your brain fit again.

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3. Headspace

Do you still need some rest? Then we can recommend the “Headspace” app. Former Buddhist monk Andy Bodecombe gave up his existence as a monk to show you your way into the world of meditation. The nice thing about this app is the low bottom line, so the chance of you dropping out to study is slim.

4. Mood task

In ‘Moodmission’ they don’t just do anything, because the app is a research project of an Australian university. So everything is scientifically confirmed. Since you filled out a number of surveys first, the app knows exactly what you need. Mood certainly isn’t boring. You will be challenged with physical exercises, relaxing breathing exercises, and other teasing activities.

5. Sanville

Did you forget to think about yourself? Let the “Sanvello” app remind you that you deserve it 100%! The app will send you a reminder at the same time every day, giving you a chance to write down your feelings. Not only does it let you do all the work, you also get useful tips and exercises.

professional help

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you have mental problems. You are not alone, because there are many organizations that can help you. Click this link for more information.

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