Monday message about Elden Ring, Steam Stand, Broken Days and Sausage

When Sunday ends, you know what’s coming. Monday. And so a completely new edition of the Monday letter. The item and live broadcast in which we answer all your burning questions. Today Stephen is sitting at the table with Skate. Two veterans who might have gotten a little sleepy because of a particular game. And of course they talk about the launch of Elden Ring and also Horizon forbidden west. And who knows, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. A new “console” was also released, the Steam Deck. There are also questions about games for a lazy day, Cyberpunk 2077 movie on PS5 and many more. You see and hear it all in this edition of the Monday Letter.

Will Steam Deck become the perfect mobile device?

The community once again delivered a lot of messages this week via [email protected] and our Discord channel. Among other things, a question was raised about the Steam Deck version. Because what do we think this “console” from Valve will provide us? Would this be the perfect mobile device? There are also questions about what games are perfect for us on a bad day? What do we play next? That’s not all we have in store for you today. There are also members of the community who are curious about our experience with Elden Ring on PS5. The writer had rather unpleasant experiences. Let’s just sit at a table of two guests who can definitely say something meaningful here 110%.

Monday message with questions about Horizon Forbidden West

In addition, there are questions about Forbidden horizon west Enter. Because how does the inventory management system work? Is this the same as in Zero Down? Or is it different? There is also someone who has a question about Cyberpunk 2077. Why would the game also want to install the PS4 version frequently while already playing on PS5? How do you solve that? You will hear and see this and much more in the Monday message on Monday, February 28, 2022.

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