To Spain via France? Then you actually lose six hours in…

It’s Saturday morning here and there are already a lot of queues on European motorways towards popular holiday destinations. For example, you already lose up to 6 hours on the way to Spain via the classic motorways of France. In addition, floods in our country, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, cause additional inconvenience to important holiday hubs. This has been reported by the VAB Mobility Association.

Red Saturday will be another on European roads on Saturday. At the moment there is heavy traffic mainly in Switzerland towards Italy and in Italy itself, and in Austria towards Slovenia. In our country, heavy traffic is expected on the roads to the south today, because school holidays also begin in the center of the Netherlands.

In Germany, some roads are still closed in both directions due to flooding. This relates to the A1 in Leverkusen, the A44 in Düsseldorf-North and the A61 southwest of Cologne. There is a long traffic jam on the A3 Würzburg-Nuremberg, and it takes an hour to wait.

In France, there is heavy traffic mainly from Luxembourg on the A7 Lyon-Orange (about 3 hours) and on the A10 Paris-Bordeaux (more than 4 hours in traffic jams).

In Switzerland, there was a traffic jam all night long on the A2 Basel-Chiasso. Currently you have to take into account a delay of 3 hours 40 minutes. Also on the A13 towards the San-Bernardino Tunnel, the alternate route, you currently have to wait 3 hours 50 minutes.

In Italy there is a lot of traffic on the road between Como and Florence via the A9, A50 and A1: in total you lose an hour and 45 minutes.

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In Austria towards Slovenia there is currently a traffic jam of 1 hour 35 minutes in front of Karawankentunnel on the A11.

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