Samsung S20 Problems and OnePlus Nord 2 Preview (Android News #28)

Are you having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S20? you’re not the only one! We recently stopped at the OnePlus Nord 2 and a new Nokia smartphone. These are the top Android news from last week in one overview.

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Owners complain: Samsung Galaxy S20 screen suddenly breaks

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra owners have recently complained that the screen is exploding out of nowhere. The screen turns completely white or green and renders the smartphone useless, as there seems to be only one solution: screen replacement.

Problems with screen Samsung Galaxy S20And the S20 Plus On S20 Ultra Not entirely new. Site AndroidAuthority Found a complaint from a user from May. Since then, more complaints have surfaced online, including on the Reddit forum and Samsung’s European forum.

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We already know this about the OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus North

OnePlus Nord 2 is coming and more and more details about the affordable smartphone are leaking. What do we already know? Android Planet OnePlus Nord 2 outlook summary.

from OnePlus North According to many – editors included Android Planet – It has been rated as one of the best Android smartphones of 2020. So the expectations for Nord 2 are high.

This is ours Predictions for OnePlus Nord 2

Android Auto gets support for simple games

Android Auto GameSnacks

Play games in the car. Of course this is exactly what you want, but it is now possible. These are small and simple HTML5 games for Android Auto that can only be played when the vehicle is stationary.

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These so-called GameSnacks games are specially developed by The Google For very powerful internet connections and devices, it is ideal for Android Auto. Several Reddit users, among others, have already played and played some games and shared photos and screenshots.

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Nokia XR20 Predictions: A powerful smartphone will debut on July 27

Nokia X20

Nokia stated on Twitter that its latest smartphone will never need a box again and will see the light of day on July 27. The smartphone you see in the picture looks like the one Nokia X20 to be with an issue.

According to the well-known site Nokiapoweruser The new smartphone bears the name Nokia XR20. Adding an R will be tough or durable. This matches Nokia’s teaser that the new smartphone does not require a case.

Our Predictions for Nokia XR20

Stalkerware on Android: This is how you identify and remove spy apps

stalkerware on android 1

But first, what exactly is Stalkerware? Stalkerware is a form of malware that allows malicious parties to monitor your smartphone (or computer or tablet). Research shows that stalkerware is becoming more and more popular.

That’s why we have an informative article about this last week. We discuss, among other things, how to identify and remove Stalkerware and what are the drivers behind malware. Of course we also explain how you can reduce the risk of contamination.

This is what you want to know about him stalkerware on Android

Video of the week: All about Lite Apps

Lite apps?  What exactly are these and all the cascading advantages!

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