Manage privacy settings on iPhone and iPad

Once you’ve granted access to your calendar, photos, location, and other information, the app will continue to search the shared data. However, it is possible to deny access to your private data at a later time. Additionally, you should take into account ad tracking, which allows apps to create a profile for you.

Share data with apps

Applications may request access to the following data, among other things:

  • place
  • address book contact)
  • agenda
  • memories
  • Pictures
  • Bluetooth
  • microphone
  • Motion Activity (iPhone 5s and later)

Would you rather not use this data by an application? Then you can disable this via iOS settings. You do this below Institutions > Privacy. For example, choose an item agenda. Below each entry are the apps that currently have access to that information. Flipping the switch will deny the app access.

Not every iOS app is listed in the Privacy Overview. Apps must explicitly request access to your data before it is also included in the list.

Privacy label with apps

In addition to providing access to information from other applications and tools, applications can also collect all kinds of other data, such as search behavior. Before you download an app, you can see what data the app is using and who it’s shared with in the App Store. This can be seen in the privacy label.

Gmail app now with privacy label

After downloading, you often have to give explicit permission to use certain data. But you don’t always have an overview of the (external) parties that data is shared with.


below Settings > Privacy > Tracking Do you find a key Allow tracking of requests from apps. When enabled, developers can request permission to access various information. Advertisers can then address you more specifically as a target group.

Set up application tracking with orders.

If you disable IDFA, you will not receive any requests at all.

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