Today, mental health must be at the center of our social policy.

Kevin Maas, Chairman of Jong CD&V, discusses the new Rerum Novarum, focusing on mental health

Today, the Christian column celebrates Rerum Novarum as usual. Celebration of Ascension Day
We know that in 1891 Pope Leo XIII laid the foundation for the social teaching of the Catholic Church
Innovative publication. It was a turning point in the history of Catholic conservatives
Political thinking is one of the basic building blocks of Christian democracy
political belief. This general message “about new things” was one of the main breaking points
Between conservatives and Christian Democrats. Shaft was broken for rights
The ordinary working person who urgently needs more social through unions and legal intervention
need protection. Then our current state of well-being and social achievements got
The indispensable support of the Catholic Church.

Over the past 131 years, we have made amazing strides in improving
Living conditions, in the reduction of extreme poverty, in the development a
A balanced economy and in the application of basic social rights. In recent years it seems
However, a new formidable challenge is hitting our society; The challenge of
The prevalence of psychological and mental problems. Socially weak people become more difficult because of this
I was influenced by the most privileged people. a growing wave of depression, exhaustion,
Anxiety disorders and other mental problems are downright distressing. This is one of those for me
The greatest social challenges that we as a society have to deal with. Like the
At that time, appalling poverty and lack of rights were the top priorities of society
Mental health, politically sensitive, must be at the center of our social policy today.

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Of course, initiatives to increase mental health can and should also be taken
Flexibility for everyone. However, this should not make us lose sight of the fact that mental
Health is also always an integral part of the social order. Mentally disturbing numbers
Health literally refers to the pathological effects of our present postmodernism,
neoliberal society. For example, recent research shows that one in two young adults does not feel good about themselves
Feel. In Belgium, 54% of young people suffer from multiple psychological problems.

This is why I am calling for this Ascension Day to make mental health a top priority within
Include social dialogue and discussion about social priorities. When it comes to “about new things”
If so, there is certainly a lot that can be reorganized from within our community. So this work
My work, so that people can continue to work in a healthy way and so that people do not do it
They hinder in their lives the experience of meaning and happiness. Specifically, I think a little
Initiatives, such as reducing pressure on performance in schools, breaking taboos,
The best reimbursement for consultations with a psychiatrist and extensive expansion of
Primary psychiatric care.

In this way we can contribute to a new social policy facing new challenges
He takes it seriously and dares to set priorities. This is how we continue after 131 years
Work for a better and more socially just world for every individual in society. I hope
Everyone is so kind and inspiring Rerum Novarum.

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