Annemarie van der Sar discusses her husband’s health

Edwin van der Sar’s wife, Annemerie, will provide an update on her husband’s status on Tuesday night on the Ajax website. According to her, this is progressing in small steps.

Brain hemorrhage Van der Sar

Last Friday, Van der Sar suddenly suffered a brain hemorrhage while on vacation in Croatia. Although it soon became apparent that he was out of danger, it was unclear for a long time what his recovery would look like. On Tuesday, Animere thought it was the right time to update the Ajax supporters on the latest developments.

“Edwin is still in the ICU, but he’s stable. He’s out of danger,” she stresses, while still maintaining a firm grip on the situation. Every time we are allowed to visit him he is very friendly. We also have to wait patiently to see how his condition develops.”

Departure from Ajax

Van der Sar was the team’s general manager from Amsterdam for many years and, together with former manager Marc Overmars, achieved great successes with the club. For example, Ajax reached the Champions League semi-finals and the club won several championships with Erik ten Hag at the helm.

Over the past season, he has come under increasing criticism, so he recently decided to stop. Van der Sar was already complaining about his health at the time and so chose to distance himself from football for a while. In the past, Van der Sar’s wife had a cerebral hemorrhage.

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