Together we're on our way to 'normalizing health': review for 2023 and ambitions for 2025

Publication date: 04-05-2024 at 5:09 pm

The 2023 Annual Accounts (Annual Report and Annual Accounts 2023) and 2025 Budget have been published. A look at the final year of the 2019-2023 policy period and a look forward to our 2025 mission and associated plans and budgets. Do you want to know what GGD did in your municipality in 2023? See the numbers for each municipality here.

What did we do in 2023?

2023 was the year GGD rediscovered itself in the region. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, we have created an updated core package. This provides guidance for our core services in the years to come. With our health ambitions, we aim for more intensive cooperation between our municipalities and the GGD in working together in the field of public health.

What awaits us in 2025?

Make health self-evident, a priority for the future. Where everyone has a fair chance to live as healthy a life as possible. In an environment that makes us healthy and maintains our health. This is our goal. A difficult ambition that we can only achieve if we join our forces. We will showcase our honest, bold and fresh sound!

in Framework note 2025 On the way to a future-proof GGD We have already shown how we will translate the second year of our policy term. Budget 2025 It explains the impact we want to make and how we do it. We provide insight into the impact of our efforts. This shows the impact we aim to achieve, the steps we are taking, and whether we are on the right track. You can read more about our ambitions for the next four years Political plan 2024-2027.

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