Ton Hanselaar (Linnean Initiative): “We don’t speak the language that is always clear to the patient

Now that the concept of value-based care is here, it’s time to get it right, says Dr. Tony Hanselaer. Tun is chair of the Action Group to Accelerate Value-Driven Care (Linian Initiative). The Linnean Initiative aims for individual healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) to take action in their own organization, with their employees, to deliver more valued care. There are now thousands of professionals who have joined. Putting the shoulders down helps develop care.

Doctor. Ton Hanselaer: “In healthcare, we don’t always speak the language that is always clear to the patient. Is the patient ever sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to make decisions about his life? And do we provide this information transparently enough? Do we know where we want to end up?”

As a physician, consultant, and director of many healthcare organizations, Ton knows what it takes to make the transition to “patient focused” a success.

What is the Linyan Initiative?
The Linnean Initiative is an open national network of more than 1,000 passionate patients (representatives), caregivers, health insurance companies, researchers and suppliers. They are committed to value-based care.

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