Tonight on TV: Sweden and NATO • The situation of the Russian army • Refugees in Odessa

Sweden and NATO

Sweden wants security guarantees before it can apply for NATO membership. With such a guarantee, Sweden would be helped (militarily) if Russia attacked the country before joining the alliance. The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom have already provided those guarantees. Sweden will not be a full member of NATO until all 30 members agree to join.

at news hour We are talking about a possible accession to NATO by Sweden with Paul JohnsonHe is the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Swedish Parliament.

Will Sweden join NATO?

Russia Developments

at news hour We look back to a week when the Russian military once again struggled in Ukraine. The week began with a military parade in Moscow. But in the meantime, the fate of the important General Gerasimov is still unclear and it seems that an entire battalion of Russians died when they crossed the bridge.

We are talking Peter Wijinga From the Hague Center for Strategic Studies

The Russians suffered heavy losses in Ukraine

This is how Ukrainians welcome their compatriots in Odessa

The university refused to sponsor the professor

Principal Professor Rex Arendsen of Leiden University is being paid silently by the tax authorities, while a professor conducts research into tax legislation and its feasibility. He himself, the university and the tax authorities have not publicly disclosed this potential conflict of interest.

The university failed to disclose potential conflict of interest

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