‘Vladimir Putin is terminally ill’: The top secret memo is causing a stir

There has been speculation in Russia for years about Putin’s health. This has only increased since the invasion of Ukraine. Now New Lines magazine reports based on thats itAudio recording he have Among the ruling oligarchs close to the Kremlin, the Russian president suffers from a form of leukemia.

It says a “top secret note” that the headquarters of the FSB, Russia’s internal security service, sent to all its regional directors.

“The memo directed the region’s leaders to deny and ignore rumors about the president’s final condition,” said Christo Gruzef, head of investigations at respected criminal investigation website Bellingcat.

Putin shivering during his meeting with the Belarusian president, old rumors resurface

“More managers have been directed to strongly deny any rumors about this that would spread within the local FSB units.”

New Lines continues with detailed evidence of the Russian leader’s apparent physical ailments. The magazine also notes his changed appearance, including the fact that his face is now significantly swollen. This may indicate that he is on heavy medication. Cortisone is said. This medicine is known to have many side effects.

It is known in the medical world that Putin had a decent and athletic appearance. But in recent years, he’s seemed more drawn to his face. That could indicate he’s actually sick, according to intelligence members.

“Nervous” Putin during Easter mass raises questions about his health again

The Kremlin, of course, denies all the rumors.

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