Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (Version #47 2021)

Make better choices, dynamic shooting game and enjoy Formula 1. These are the best Android apps and games of the week.

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1. Brainstorming

Are you a real dreamer and do you regularly get stuck in ideas? Then a Brainstorming app might be something for you. This application tries to help you solve problems. Brainstorming does not do this by chewing the answer, but above all by providing an overview.

So you start by asking a question or defining the problem. Then you just write the possible random solutions. Once that’s done, Brainstorm presents you with the 1 x 1 options it wrote. Then choose the most appropriate one.

Brainstorming: Creativity Coach

Alexey Grigorkin

2. Crazy Warriors

It’s not very deep, but with Crazy Warriors, you can be sure that you won’t get bored. This dynamic shooter changes the game environment from time to time. For example, if you start a downtown level shooting, the next moment you might be standing on a skateboard against mermaids.

Crazy Warriors: Play!

Crazy Warriors is the so called runner. So the character you play will always keep moving forward. It’s up to you to change the character’s lanes in time, or jump over the enemy, for example. Crazy Warriors is an in-between game and basically free. Not in the mood for commercials in between? The cost of purchasing ads is 1.99 euros.

3. WhatsApp

Since last week, you can create and send stickers in WhatsApp. This is great, because before, you always had to download a cumbersome stickers app to get stickers on your phone. The ability to create stickers is being rolled out first to WhatsApp beta testers. to share? You can Register via the WhatsApp beta page.

You start creating a poster by importing an image. Then you crop it and give the image other effects, characters or sticker. Then you save the image and you can send it to your WhatsApp contacts. Currently, you can only create stickers with the web version and desktop version of WhatsApp. So it does not work on smartphones yet.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp LLC

4. F1 TV

Max Verstappen fans can now watch their hero on the big screen via the F1 TV app. The Formula 1 racing streaming service now has apps for Google TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV platforms. This means that the F1 TV app will work on your Chromecast (with Google TV), for example.

Android apps of the week

Previously you could already send the races to you ChromecastBut from now on, you can also watch the races via the dedicated app. Of course you need a subscription to the streaming service. This costs 7.99 euros per month.

Download F1 TV from Google Play Store (subscription required)

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