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Seven Evo Andres throws his pinch on the first goal. © Chris Van Rompuy


In the green between the De Waterperels pool and Lier’s Boomlaarstraat, you can get acquainted with disc golf for two months. In the fewest number of attempts possible, throw a disc or frisbee into a disc golf target.

Chris Van Rompuy

“Disc golf is a sport similar to golf in many ways. Instead of a ball and batons, you can use a disc or a frisbee. Try to throw the frisbee at the target in as few throws as possible. Natural obstacles like trees make the game more difficult,” said Sport Alderman Ivo Andres. (Open Vld): “There will be eight disc golf targets on this site through the end of September.”

© Chris Van Rompuy

“Everyone can use the temporary disc golf for free on their own and learn about the sport. You can bring your own golf course or rent a set disc golf for 2.5 euros in the pool cafeteria (during opening hours). After returning, you will receive a 2.5 euros discount voucher for a restaurant Rest-au-café”.

The rules of the game are simple. “Put your foot at the starting point and make your first throw. Each player makes their first roll before continuing. From now on, every time the player throws his disc away from the target. You always throw from where your disc landed. Repeat until he makes Each player throws his disc into the goal. Whoever needs the fewest number of throws at the end is the winner”, says sporting official Michel de Hurdt.

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Important for a hole or target 3: The disc must fly between the selected objects. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. In disc golf terms, we call this a Mando, which means obligatory or obligatory. Moreover, it is important not to obstruct others. If your throw could pose a danger to others, it is best to skip the pit temporarily or ask the people involved to step aside.”

© Chris Van Rompuy

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