Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the Week (#10 2023)

Fight with ducks or let your creative self run wild. You’ll find that and more in this week’s edition of the best Android apps and games.

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1- F1 Clash

Do you like yelling at the TV when Ferrari chooses a bad strategy (again)? Then see if you can improve yourself in F1 Clash. Be the boss of the team yourself and decide which tires to choose and how much fuel to use.

The Formula 1 season started again this weekend and you can take part in it. In F1 Clash you choose your drivers. The more you win, the better your team. The better your team, the faster you will be able to achieve victory.

F1 Clash – Car Racing Manager

cage games

2. Drafts

Are you a creative person and love to draw or draw? Then try out the concepts. With this app, you can make notes and illustrations using different brushes, colors, and layers. With one finger you draw, with two fingers you move across the canvas.

If you open the app for the first time, avoid the paid version and go for the – well hidden – free version. If you want to store an infinite number of layers and files of all kinds, you need the paid version.

Concepts: sketch, note, sketch

Top Hatch, Inc.

3. Duck kick punch

Hit, kick or dunk. This is the basis for the Punch Kick Duck mobile game. In the game, you go through different levels and defeat your opponents with punch, kick or dive. When you do anything works like rock, paper, scissors, because strike beats kick, kick beats dive, and dive beats punch. Do you still get it?

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You can save coins by passing levels. You can choose from different characters to play with. Also nice: the game can be played both horizontally and vertically.

Duck kick punch

Sean Coleman

4. Anxiety

Do you fall asleep immediately after the alarm or find it difficult to wake up? Alarmy helps you with this. To keep you from falling asleep, you first have to do some puzzles, scan the qr code on the other side of your room or solve a difficult math problem.

Once you do that, the alarm will stop. Hopefully by then you’ll be up and ready for your day. Standard alarm functions are completely free. You pay a small monthly fee for all the exercises that check if you’re up.

Download Alarmy from the Google Play Store

Alarmy – the morning alarm clock

alarm clock alarm clock

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