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The Dutch summer holidays in Belgium started last weekend. On July 8th, francophone schools will follow, as well as the construction sector in some provinces. Since schools in central Holland close on the same weekend, the start of the project is likely to be very busy towards the coast and the Ardennes region with smaller traffic congestion. Touring is also expecting crowds on the Brussels Ring Road and Antwerp region on Friday. “It’s not going to be a busy weekend yet,” Turing predicts.

Although summer holidays officially start in France on July 8, a busy weekend is not expected there either. Only for departures in the Paris region on Friday and in Normandy Brittany on Saturday it will be very difficult with traffic jams. To the south there will be smaller traffic jams here and there. No problems expected on Sunday.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, smaller traffic jams appear to the south.

Unlike the rest of Western Europe, Spain and Italy prepare for Sunday crowds. Saturdays are the hardest, especially on busy holiday routes.

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