Toyota Relax: 10 year warranty in the UK

Toyota has introduced a 10-year warranty plan for new and used cars, only now in the UK; Named the Toyota Relax. A great way to use the good reliability of its range which has been praised by many independent studies around the world. But can a similar cover come in Belgium?

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10 years or 160,000 km.

In particular, the new Toyota Relax warranty offers a 10-year or 160,000 km (100,000 miles) safety, whichever comes first. This warranty applies to both new and used Toyota, with one condition: service at an authorized Toyota workshop, even if you are the second, third or fourth owner of the car.

1 service = 1 year warranty

With Toyota Relax, the warranty plan adds a 12 month / 10,000 mile warranty each time a customer serves their vehicle at an authorized Toyota center. This guarantee is provided automatically and at no extra cost to the customer. So if your Toyota is less than 10 years old and you take it to a Toyota service center, you get another 12 months / 10,000 miles warranty up to 10 years old. In the case of the used model, it does not matter if your Toyota was never serviced at the Toyota Service Center.

Relax Toyota everyone

Every Toyota model comes with Relax coverage. Both petrol and diesel models and hybrid and electric cars are eligible. It does not matter whether it is a passenger car, a light commercial vehicle or a pick-up. The hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is also included in the scheme, which includes the same parts and labor as the standard warranty.

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And in Belgium?

We contacted Toyota Belgium to confirm that there is no plan to use this Toyota Relax program in our country at present. But who knows ஒரே The only question that remains today about such a plan is whether it will apply to lighter commercial vehicles built in conjunction with the Stellandis, for which Toyota is only reusing a PSA designed model.

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