Trains stopped in the Netherlands from 2pm on Friday due to Storm Eunice, NMBS closely following the situation | stormy weather

Dutch railways NS and ProRail will reduce train supplies on Friday morning, and rail traffic will be closed from 2pm. In our country, NMBS is still thinking about its decision.

A statement from Dutch Railways (NS) and ProRail said domestic and international trains would no longer operate at 2 pm tomorrow “with the aim of the safety of our passengers and colleagues”. The companies report that there is a good chance that a Eurnice storm will blow trees on the track, and that such a violent storm is also a significant risk for outage teams.

Very strong winds, which are also expected in the Netherlands on Friday, have a certain impact on the track. So the storm schedule will be in effect tomorrow morning, which means fewer trains will be running. The storm is expected to reach its peak around noon, so domestic and international trains will not operate from 2 p.m.

KNMI, the Dutch counterpart of RMI, announced the code orange due to the storm from Friday afternoon.

In Belgium, NMBS is closely monitoring the situation, but no decisions have yet been made about possible measures, says spokesperson Bart Crols.

Thales advises travelers to postpone their flight on Friday if possible and to keep a close eye on the company’s website.

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