Our red lines are being ignored: Russia is unhappy with US response to security demands

However, Russia is responding favorably to the US proposal to conduct reciprocal inspections of US missile systems in Romania and Poland on the one hand, and Russian sites on the other.

US ultimatums to Russia to withdraw its forces from the Ukrainian border, accompanied by threats of sanctions, which Russia describes as unacceptable. They are said to be undermining the chances of a deal.

Russia says that if the West wants to de-escalate the conflict over Ukraine, Ukraine must abide by the Minsk agreements (the 2014 and 2015 peace agreements on eastern Ukraine), stop supplying Western weapons to Ukraine and remove all weapons.

If the Americans do not act in accordance with Russian proposals and if legally binding security guarantees are not negotiated, Russia will be forced to “respond”, including “technical military measures”. This could be a strategic location for weapons and troops or electronic warfare, for example.

Russia continues to stress that invading Ukraine is not in its plans.

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