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Travelers from Belgium can no longer officially travel to Finland from Monday. For the United Kingdom, as advertised, the orange code applies, with the exception of Aberdeen and Leicester, which are a red code. This was previously announced but now it is also officially announced on the Foreign Affairs website.

Belgians and anyone who has stayed in Belgium in the past 14 days will not be able to travel to Finland from Monday 10 August. There will be border controls at the airport. There is an exception for family visits, business and student trips. Foreign affairs spokesman Carl Lagatti said they should be isolated for a period of fourteen days upon arrival.

For departing Belgians traveling to the UK, the orange code applies. They must be quarantined for two weeks upon arrival. For the Scottish city of Leicester and Aberdeen, the red code applies. Traveling is not possible there.

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As previously announced, travel advisories for Switzerland have been further improved. Only the canton of Geneva is still known in red. The cantons of Graub√ľnden, Zug and Schaffhausen are colored orange. This means that travelers returning from there are quarantined and tested.

Moreover, Spain’s autonomous region of Extremadura will not be colored orange, but green for arriving and departing travelers. Travel advice can be found at

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