Trombone Champ is this week’s viral hit

#1 TikTok and video search

Young people are increasingly looking for recommendations in video applications via text-based search engines. Internal research by Google shows that 40% of young people, for example, when looking for a place to have lunch, first go to TikTok or Instagram instead of Google Maps or Google search. This is a potential problem for current social media companies and search engines. Because those who have mastered searching for videos can then associate in-app commerce with it and thus generate income based on users’ needs. A one-stop shop based on video is not an outlandish vision of the future. This is very common now in China. In the West we are not far away yet. But given the size and capabilities of TikTok, it’s not too surprising that this behavior will soon be adopted here as well. Read a story Connie Chan (a16z) with examples as it now operates in China.

# 2 So make it work for Google

Google has been pointing out the above trend for some time now. Then a little broader than just searching for the video. Maybe we should call it visual search. At its annual Search On event on September 28, Google showed off some new ways people can search the web. The trend in recent years is to find more visual ways to get the results you want. We all know the features with which you can take a picture instead of trying to type the perfect set of keywords in the search bar. It’s actually an interesting thought experiment: What would the Google equivalent of TikTok’s For You page look like? The Google search team isn’t entirely sure, but it’s being worked on. According to Google, search is going through a complete transition. You can read what Google is planning on this Modernization from the edge.

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# 3 color

Do you know jibo Until now? The first “social” robot. It was introduced with a lot of fanfare but unfortunately Jibo didn’t work out. In 2019 the jibo fabric fell. But with that there was suddenly room in the category of social robots. The question was only; Who is jumping there? And now there is an answer. New Jibo has been summoned color. A very cheerful and intelligent pet, according to the manufacturers, you can fall in love with it. And if you wish, you can come and ride under the Christmas tree today as a Christmas surprise.

# 4 discord

The channel in which more and more communities are forming is called Discord. Many may know the name but may have no idea what exactly it is. Especially if you have no experience in the gaming world, because that’s where you grew up. Still, it is essential to understand how Discord works. It could become one of the pillars in the new (decentralized) network world. in this story public Shows the operation of a Discord server based on two brands. HYPEBEAST (Men’s Modern Fashion) and Newegg’s (Computer Parts). Nice tutorial on how to build a Discord community.

# 5 Coach and Tom Wesselman

While we’re on the topic of fashion, I can recommend everyone to take a look at this Coach brand website. pursuit of fun is the website of the partnership between Coach and pop artist Tom Wesselmann. And in slightly contrast to all the navigable 3D metaverse partnerships, this is a great old skool environment. Beautiful artistic environment, perfectly aligned with the artist’s work, great user interface and perhaps most importantly it radiates a love of art and collection. As far as I’m concerned, the final example of an introduction.

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#6 Heywood Award

Jeremy John Heywood (1961-2018) was a British civil servant who served as Cabinet Secretary to David Cameron and Theresa May from 2012 to 2018. He also served as Private Secretary to Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Because Jeremy has always been open to new ideas, the UK has Heywood Award Imagine that in his mind the tradition of innovation should continue. Each year, this institution calls for the best answer to a particular question. This year it is: “What do you think the government should do to improve life in the UK?” Winners will receive cash prizes of £25,000, £10,000 and £5,000 for the best answer. The winning ideas will already be implemented if possible. Wouldn’t that be a good idea for all of us in Holland?

#7 Jupiter

Pharrell Williams presents a new device auction platform under the name JOOPITER. This platform aims to usher in a new aggregation economy. JOOPITER is a brand/place where creators, curators and collectors come together to create a new paradigm of commerce and society. Another great example of the direction we are slowly moving towards. But first, Farrell will be auctioning off his unique “old” items. Could you Registration is still here Because JOOPITER will start working in 11 days.

# 8 Trombone Champ

You may have already seen it somewhere. But this week’s viral hit is Trombone Champ. A game where you have to play the trombone with the mouse. Check out the different versions This web page. But at least it’s interesting the explosion of apps that follow the interest this game is getting. From memes to VR variants and from interactive trombone To the fleshlight variable.

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#9 Dall-E 2 is now available to everyone for free

Dall-E 2 is one of the image generation engines but it was not accessible until recently. If you wanted to get in you had to queue through the queue. This lock is now outside the door. Everyone can now use a file Unparalleled strength for Dall-E 2. You have to register/identify, but then you will receive a number of credits that you can start with. Think of a nice number of words (the prompts) and let Dall-E surprise you.

# 10 Enjoying nature in Welcome to My Garden or a Buddio Walk

In addition to all the technologies, we pay little attention to cool initiatives. A very sweet and circular project from Belgium. Welcome to my garden. A non-profit network of citizens who make their garden freely available to slow travelers. Use of the site and the park is free. And if you want to take a walk in nature but none of your friends or acquaintances want to walk with you, there is Bodio. Then a virtual runner will walk with you. 100% secure and you don’t have to chat on the go.

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