Trudo and MMC will work together on the health of the population

Together, Maxima and Trudeau Medical Center will create new ways in which they can make a contribution to the vitality and health of the people of Braineport, Eindhoven. Part of the collaboration is, among other things, conducting pilots in two neighborhoods and creating an experience center at Strijp-S.

For MMC, collaborating with the Housing Association is a logical step with the goal of nurturing the future, with an increased focus on prevention. “Vitality, prevention and lifestyle are increasingly becoming the spearhead when it comes to health and staying healthy. In order to continue to provide the best quality care at affordable prices, we want to make preventive care and an energetic lifestyle a part of care at the top clinical hospital for the future. In our vision It is also essential to engage the living and living environment of residents.We must look for ways to reduce the burden on hospitals with more care at home, explains Jan Harm Zwaveling, Chairman of the MMC Board of Directors.

Involve the population

Projects starting in September focus on medical scientific research, innovative technology, data, awareness and knowledge about change skills. The goal of the pilots in De Bennekel and Strijp-S and the establishment of an Experience Center in Strijp-S, on the one hand, is to seek contacts with new partners such as care and welfare parties, insurance companies and existing initiatives. On the other hand, share knowledge with various parties about the vitality and health of the population.

Ultimately, MMC and Trudo want to create a “test house” where all kinds of technology applications can be tested and tried. The experiences gained must then be applied in building new homes, so that preventative care and an active lifestyle are stimulated.

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