Trump continues his streak of victories in Michigan, Missouri and Idaho | outside

The former president will win all 54 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Missouri this summer. In Idaho, NBC and CNN, based on their own projections, expect Trump to also outperform his last remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, there. In Idaho, he can add 32 delegates.

Missouri is located in the middle of the country and has a population of just over six million people. Idaho is located in the northwestern United States and has a population of about two million people. In both states, votes were traditionally cast not at election offices, but at small party meetings known as caucuses.

Earlier in the day, Trump had already won a large majority of voters at the Republican Party convention in Michigan. That means he got all 39 of that state's delegates to the Republican National Convention in November.

Next Tuesday is Super Tuesday, when primaries are scheduled to be held in fifteen states, accounting for more than a third of all delegates at once. It remains to be seen how long Trump's rival Nikki Haley will remain in the race, as she no longer has a chance of beating Trump.

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