Trump could face 136 years in prison. He can scold anyone or grab his crotch, but he has to watch out for the judge comment

In his final years as president, Trump stole top-secret documents from the White House, exposed sensitive military information to brag about, and thwarted law enforcement investigations. This week he was allowed to visit the judge again. He decided that he could freely wait for the criminal case to continue.

arrest photo

Opponents called the fact that he was allowed home an example of class justice, but the chance that one of the most famous people in the world with his distinctive appearance would hide somewhere to avoid a criminal case is, of course, not great.

That is why the photo of the arrest, the so-called mug shot, It is not necessary, everyone recognizes it. In the land of Hollywood, where fantasy mixes with realism, Trump is a superstar.

wet wind

It is a sad time for the United States, and, if we look closely at it, other democratic countries under the rule of law. Trump is unique, but his way of doing politics is not. The national populist wet wind has blown across the UK in recent years, as the breeze has been observed in the Netherlands.

Sometimes, the United States does not resemble a constitutional democracy, but rather a place where democracy collides with the rule of law. Where a popular former president calls the investigation against him “political persecution.” Where the judiciary is considered an enemy of the people.

beg for money

Voters, both men and women, want the best for their country, abetted by a brute who pulls all sorts of populist strings for his own gain. Within the half hour that Trump was in court, millions of Trump supporters received an email asking for money.

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The only place Donald Puppet has no control over is the courthouse. He can scold, blame, or disparage anyone, but he must watch out for the judge and jury. The 77-year-old faces 136 years in prison – and whether he gets it is another matter. “

Money money money

If he was allowed to live his life freely, he could do what he liked best: turn ballot papers into bills of money. Trump has never been about his voters. In the land of unprecedented spectacle, it’s about one thing: Money money money.

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