Google Maps now also shows Belgian buildings in a ‘panorama’ | internal

Google has added a number of famous buildings in Brussels and Bruges to its new “Immersive View” tool, as the Internet giant provides a 3D view of buildings and cities in Google Maps via artificial intelligence. The company reports that.

Google started rolling out the Universal View in February to a number of major cities like London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. From now on, a number of Belgian attractions can also be viewed in multiple dimensions in the Google Maps application. The feature appears to be particularly useful for tourists.

It concerns eight buildings in Brussels and Bruges. Enthusiasts can visit the Belfry and Church of Our Lady in Bruges, Maneken Pis and the Atomium in Brussels, among others.

Google wants to offer a new way to explore a place and give the Maps user the feeling of really being there with the ‘all-round view’, which translates into Dutch as ‘all-round view’.

The internet giant combines several Street View and aerial imagery into a 3D model with the help of artificial intelligence, adding information such as weather forecasts and expected crowds for a location.

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