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Huawei has been informed by the UK government that the company is banned from the UK due to pressure from US President Donald Trump. That reports Watchman. The United Kingdom announced on Tuesday that Huawei equipment can no longer be used in the 5G network.

In the period leading up to the announcement of the ban on Huawei equipment, there were several talks between the telecom manufacturer and the British government. Huawei would have been told that geopolitical influences were the reason for the ban. The ban could be lifted if Trump is not re-elected.

The official statement made by the British government on Tuesday for the ban is that it is better for national security to block Huawei from the 5G network. The United States accuses Huawei of spying for the Chinese government. Huawei has denied spying and no evidence of espionage has been found.

In January, the UK had already decided that Huawei should be banned from the “important parts” of the 5G network.

In December, the Dutch Cabinet reported that Huawei should be banned from the core of the 5G network in our country. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about this. An official decision is expected after the summer.

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