Trump’s house contains ‘highly sensitive nuclear information about another country’

Some of the seized documents describe top-secret US operations so closely guarded that only a handful of people are aware of their contents. Only the president, certain cabinet members, or any cabinet-level official can authorize other government employees to access this information.

At the beginning of August, More than 11,000 government documents have been found At Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Trump’s Florida resort. They were both in boxes in a storage room and in the former president’s personal office. Dozens of empty folders were also found, including 48 files marked “confidential”. This raises the question of whether all the missing documents have surfaced.

The former president is suspected of violating the Espionage Act, among other things. Monday decided Judge responds to Trump’s request For an expert look at the captured items. To Trump’s delight, the FBI is not allowed to use the documents for criminal investigation at this time until the expert’s work is completed. However, observers believe that the deceleration maneuver will not affect the outcome of the investigation. Trump calls the Department of Justice and the FBI “total corruption.”

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