Radical neoliberal Liz Truss becomes UK’s new Prime Minister

In the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, party leader Graham Brady announced that he had received 81,326 votes from party members, 20,000 more than his rival Sunak. That’s 57.4 percent of the vote, compared to Johnson’s 66.4 percent in 2019. On taking the helm, he had kind words for his predecessor Boris Johnson, who is spending his last full working day at the Chequers country retreat. “Boris, you crushed the Brexit broker, Jeremy Corbyn, delivered the vaccine, you stood up to Putin.”

The result was no surprise: Truss had been ahead of the referendum for weeks among the grassroots, which has more than 170,000 members. He is seen as a standard bearer of Thatcherism, particularly in terms of his radical and neoliberal outlook on economics. In his short acceptance speech, he emphasized his party’s belief in “freedom, the ability to organize your own life, low taxes and personal responsibility.”

With Truss, Britain will become Britain’s third female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. Partly with the old Tories, Truss became superior to his opponent Sunak, who was seen as a representative of the established order. He was also accused of stabbing Johnson in the back. Truss, an Oxford alumnus who worked as an accountant at Shell and a director of a telecommunications company, was a victory for neoliberal breccias.

In The Sunday Telegraph Mark Littlewood, boss of the Thatcherian think tank, predicted Truss would become “one of the most radical prime ministers in a century”. On Brexit, Truss, until today foreign secretary, is expected to take a tougher stance on the EU than his predecessor over the dispute over Northern Ireland. It has a hawkish approach to Russia and China.

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Tax break this week

The new prime minister faces an energy and purchasing power crisis that threatens to destabilize the country. He said he would announce pain relief measures this week. He is said to be bringing a £100 billion bailout package to warm citizens and save businesses from ruin. Also he has already made a deal with his good friend, neighbor and soulmate Kwasi Kwarteng who is said to be the Finance Minister.

For Europe, Trudeau’s election is not necessarily positive. He is a born-again Brexit and is supported by older and younger generations of Eurosceptics. He is expected to take up the fight with the EU, which could lead to a trade dispute with Europe.

Boris Johnson calls for unity

In this case, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also responded to this news. The current Prime Minister has called on her Conservative Party members to “unite one hundred per cent” with her successor, Liz Truss. “I know he has the right plan to deal with the longevity crisis, unite our party, unite and improve our country. It’s time for all Conservatives to get behind him 100 per cent,” the outgoing prime minister tweeted.

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