TUI asks for further relaxation after travel ban: ‘Travel is not sexy now’

The travel ban for EU destinations will run until April 18. Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook (Wurid) said Sunday that he did not think it would be extended.

In recent weeks, TUI has not canceled a number of so-called ‘orange’ tours departing after April 18. Typically, holiday makers will leave Belgium immediately next week for the Spanish island of Mallorca.

There are still some uncertainties about the duties for those passengers. Vandenbrook has already pointed out that individuals who do not return from the red zone and are not tested will be tested and admitted. “It will be implemented,” he said.

Contact at high risk?

Currently, anyone entering Belgium has to fill out a form, after which it is calculated, based on the answers, whether someone is considered a high-risk contact, so should be isolated for ten days and subjected to two tests. Passengers coming from the red zone are considered to be the most dangerous contact anyway.

The list of places that are not red is currently very limited. These are Denmark, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Iceland (full), Italy, Norway and Portugal (full). The list is updated every Sunday. Non-essential travel to and from countries outside the EU, including the United Kingdom, has been banned, according to recent reports.

‘Eliminate Isolation’

Travel organizer TUI says it can only offer a small portion of its offer. “An extension of this should be possible,” spokesman Demire said. “The feeling of travel is certain, but it should not become too complicated. With a lot of management and all sorts of restrictions on return, travel is not currently glamorous, except to allow for unnecessary travel, so we ask for extra relaxation.”

TUI considers that there are arguments to eliminate isolation. “PCR testing is required before you can enter almost all major destinations, such as Spain, so you can assume that the entire aircraft is safe. And on targets, all foreigners are obliged to do so. Do you want to add extra isolation? ”

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