Twice as many women affected by more stringent minimum pension requirements as men | the interior

Today, only those who have completed thirty years of their professional life are entitled to a minimum pension. This relates to years of effective recruitment and intake periods. However, the parties of the federal government have decided to introduce an additional requirement, the minimum number of years of effective employment – that is, without comparable periods.

Nhima Lingerie is sounding the alarm about this, even though in the majority of banks it has CD&V. It found that if minimum pensions were reserved for those who had completed thirty years of employment, of which twenty years were effective, no less than 62.5 percent of the Women on the minimum pension. This is 29.2% for men.

If the minimum was raised to fifteen years of actual work, 51.7 percent of women would lose their minimum pension, compared to 24.1 percent of men. At the ten-year effective employment threshold, 38.4 percent of women and 19 percent of men are affected.

“These figures show that additional conditions in terms of effective employment will disproportionately affect women. This would widen the gender gap, which is already huge,” says Langeri.

CD&V says, with its own pension plan, it wants to achieve just the opposite. Langerie: “We do this, among other things, by granting the right to a minimum pension based on the number of days worked. The year in which a person continues to work part-time is considered part of the entitlement to a minimum pension. It is likely that Women work more part-time than men. In addition, we want to ensure that women are no longer solely responsible for the career choices that spouses make together, by introducing pension division.”

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