Twitter X has become a hit with cybercriminals and ChatGPT (safe) in the workplace

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Nexus is back! This week, for the first time, we’re discussing this summer’s biggest tech news: Twitter’s rebranding to X. Did Elon Musk do a good job of permanently throwing the Twitter name in the trash? And what about his plans for the super app? We also discuss the international police work around Qakbot and talk about ChatGPT Enterprise. Is Artificial Intelligence Now Playing An Important Role In The Workplace?

Become Twitter X
Last summer, Twitter finally became X. And CEO Elon Musk is continuing with his plans to create a super app, which was not possible in the name of Twitter. How seriously should we take these plans now? Why does the super app work in China, but not (yet) in the West? And will Musk soon be able to process payments?

Justice strikes an international blow
A major police operation disrupted servers in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Lithuania, Romania, the United States, and the United Kingdom, which sent and maintained malware via Qakbot. A big hit in the world of cyber security. But: does this really make sense? And why has the Netherlands always been such an important player in these matters?

ChatGPT for Business
With the recently released ChatGPT Enterprise, companies can use the OpenAI language model more easily. ChatGPT Enterprise promises unlimited GPT-4 access and faster results. But this is not the most important thing. Input data is no longer used and stored by OpenAI. Is that an important step? What about all the data being trained in the GPT language model?

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n BNR discusses Nexus Ben van der Burghthis time surrounded Joe Van Burek or Daniel Mall, weekly the latest and most important technology news with a panel of top technology experts. This week with ethical hacker Sunny Massacres and ICT journalist Jasper Baker.

(The image accompanying this podcast was created by the AI ​​app Midjourney.)

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