Martin van der Weyden wants to participate in all 32 sports during the Summer Games in Paris: “Ahem!”

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Although Martin van der Weyden has just started the Elfsteden triathlon in which he swims, bikes and walks to raise money for cancer research, he has already set his sights on a new challenge. And Van der Weyden announced today during the swimming trip that he wants to participate in all 32 sports of the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024.

Van der Weyden had only been swimming for an hour this early morning, when Omrop Frislan decided to interview The Tree from Alkmaar. While Van der Weijden was performing the front crawl, a microphone was held under his nose and asked what he would do after the Eleven Cities Triathlon to raise money for cancer research. “Summer Games, Paris,” Van der Weyden says, gasping for air. “All 32 sports. Lots of medals, lots of money. Ahem!”

Sports psychologists are of the opinion that Van der Weyden certainly has what it takes to perform in 32 sports next year as representative of the Netherlands, but they also state that Van der Weyden will have to prepare well and will have to implement a strict sports schedule. Right after the Eleven Cities Triathlon Championship ends. In addition to swimming, Van der Weijden will have to master equestrian sports, fencing, taekwondo and skiing, among others.

Since Van der Weijden made a slightly tired impression and Omrop Fryslân did not get satisfactory answers to all their questions, it was decided to end the interview after 45 minutes. So it remains unclear how van der Weyden really thinks of the modern pentathlon. It also remains to be guessed if Van der Weyden actually has experience with golf, wrestling and breakdancing.

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