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videoRwanda will accept asylum seekers in the UK. This is what Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Perrota said on Thursday. British opposition and refugee organizations condemn the plan as “impractical” and “inhuman”.

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This is a pilot project in which an unmarried male asylum seeker is flown to the Central African country while their asylum application is assessed. “These are male economic migrants,” said Welsh Minister Simon Hart.

The British want to curb illegal immigration with this. It is part of a broader package of measures to combat migration across the canal. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson explained the agreement in Kent, on the southern English coast, where migrants who cross the Channel often arrive in boats. He wants to use the deal to show the British will regain control of illegal immigration.

Government sources say the scheme will cost the UK around 144 million euros. The British Cabinet had previously said that action must be taken “to stop the despicable traffickers who abuse the vulnerable and turn the canal into a watery graveyard, where men, women and children drown in unseaworthy boats and suffocate in refrigerated trucks.”


“It’s a shocking, bad and misleading idea that the suffering of refugees will only get worse,” said Steve Valdez-Symonds, Director of Refugees at Amnesty International UK. He stressed that the “unfortunate state” of Rwanda in terms of human rights was making the plan worse. Rwandan Minister Vincent Perrota said the agreements were made to ensure “people are protected, respected and supported in achieving their ambitions.” They will also have the opportunity to settle permanently in Rwanda, if they wish.

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I think it’s not just about tackling small boats, but more about tackling the sinking of the Prime Minister’s boat itself

Lucy Powell, opposition Labor Party

Nor is the opposition warm about the deal struck by the British government. She accuses them of trying to divert attention from party gate, the scandal in which a number of government officials participated in drinks and parties during the periods of the fall of the crown. Lucy Powell, a member of the opposition Labor Party, told the BBC: “I think it’s not so much about treating the small boats as it is about treating the sunken Prime Minister’s boat.”

Wave machine and third world countries

Immigrants have been using northern France as a springboard to get to the UK for some time now. They try to do this by hiding in trucks or ferries. Smugglers often organize ways to cross rubber boats. More than 28,000 people entered the UK on small boats last year, compared to 8,500 in 2020 and just 300 in 2018. Dozens have already died, including 27 when a boat capsized in November.

The British and French governments have spent years trying to put an end to these escape routes, without much success. They often accuse each other of neglect. Last year, the British government agreed to give France 65 million euros to help fund the doubling of the number of police patrols on French beaches.

In addition to this deal with Rwanda, the British Conservative government was also considering other proposals, including building a wave machine in the canal to push boats back and send migrants to other Third World countries. In the future, London wants to conclude an agreement with more countries to receive asylum seekers.

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The deal will apply mainly to single men crossing the canal in small boats. © Reuters

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