‘Dealer’ is the biggest winner in Ensors with 10 awards, also great results for ‘Beau séjour 2’ and ‘Ground’

The makers of “Dealer” became the biggest winner in Ensors with 9 awards. © BELGA

“Dealer” landed his favorite role on Saturday night at the Insors Gala, the most important film and television awards in Flanders. Director Jeroen Percival’s debut won him no less than 10 awards. Moreover, especially the series Beau Sejour 2 And Land Rely on a lot of support.

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A total of 22 Ensors have been awarded. merchantWith 14 nominations, the favorite became the evening’s biggest winner. The film has had 10 followers, including the best movie. To celebrate, almost the entire team was called to the podium.

Jeroen Percival’s directorial debut, which is very difficult by Flemish standards, immediately won the first prize of the ceremony, the award for best music. It was a Telenet audience award too merchant† Said “I wasn’t expecting to win the Audience Award, but that’s cool.” Which once again thanked the producers and employees. And then I was allowed to crawl upstage two more times to get Ensors for Best Screenplay and Directing. “You’re still going 10,000 steps that way,” Bale joked.

The film also received Best Sound, Best Makeup, Best Art Direction, and Best Art Direction Director of Photography Bart Holders also won the Ensor Award for Best Supporting Role.

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From this year onwards, Ensors will be gender-neutral, just like the Berlin Film Festival and Gouden Kalveren in the Netherlands. Not the best actor and best actress, but the best leading role and best supporting role. Nabil Mallat out Cole Abdul He went on to win the main role. He thanked his girlfriend, his children, and all the contributors to the film and concluded with a touching tribute to his late father. “In the clip you saw me crying for my dad. That wasn’t played.”

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So the best supporting role in the movie was Dutchman, where the awards went to Yassin Aweish in TV Land Geert van Rambleberg in red light† Best Screenplay for a TV Series Went to Wannes Cappelle, Zouzou Ben Chikha and Dries Heyneman for Land† It also immediately earned the title of Best TV Series. “I’m glad we’re getting these kinds of stories on TV, so I really feel like we’ve gone from black and white TV to color TV,” said Benchikha.

The Best Documentary Awards went to Hello, my name is Johnny Polonsky And life in color† Single String Beau Sejour 2 He won awards for fashion and montage. Directors Natalie Bastins and Cat Biles were also allowed to choose Ensor for Best Director for a TV Series. my dad is a sausage It won the award for Best Youth Fiction. Ketnet series mr paper It won the award for Best Animation.

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