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A zoo in the British county of Lincolnshire had to remove five recently acquired parrots from the show because the animals had scolded many visitors. It was most likely written that the birds taught each other offensive words while the park was closed BBC News Tuesday evening.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Refuge only acquired red-tailed parrots a month ago.

When the cast discovered that the animals had an extensive repertoire of foul words, many laughed. This may have prompted the parrots to adopt other people’s words and use them more often.

Park director Steve Nichols told British media that within 20 minutes of the park reopening, parrots were targeting early visitors and later targeting a young girl. It is not clear which words the birds used.

“It is unwise to keep birds in the same place.”

According to Nichols, some visitors have found the words the birds use “very funny”. The zoo said it had to intervene, because a large group of children are expected to arrive at the park next weekend.

“While we want to make everyone laugh during these troubled times, we thought it would be unwise to keep the birds in the same place.”

Parrots are like a regular bar with raving old men.

Nichols compares the Five Beasts to old men at a local bar constantly swearing and laughing at each other. According to him, the park has acquired countless particular items over the past 25 years who sometimes use the wrong words, but birds with such miserable behavior are unusual. The zoo has more than 1500 parrots.

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The five birds are separated from each other and placed in cages where visitors cannot hear them. Nichols hopes the other parrots will teach them a more fluent language.

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