Ukraine. British intelligence said that Ukrainian forces captured a stronghold near Kherson

Today in Kramatorsk there are two 14-year-old twin sisters Buried Anna and Yulia Aksenchenko. The girls were killed on Tuesday night in a Russian bombing of a pizzeria in the city, in eastern Ukraine. 12 people were killed, and the two girls were near the restaurant and were fatally injured in the blast.

Today a memorial service was held for the girls in their apartment, not far from the place where they died. Their mother was completely overwhelmed with emotion and the girl’s father and other family members had to be supported. She put her hands on her daughters’ heads for half an hour.

AP — Relatives of the two sisters mourn the coffins of their daughters.

The sisters were buried in their wedding dresses, a Ukrainian custom when girls died too young to be married. “That’s the tradition. When girls become angels and go to heaven before they get married, it’s buried in the dresses until they find their partner there,” Victoria Cush, a former teacher of the sisters, told a journalist from The News. Reuters.

“I remember them from first grade,” said Kush. “They were both little ray of sunshine, their hair in a big white bow and their eyes light blue. They were always together and supported each other through thickness and thinness.”

Reuters – The mother of the twin sisters in her daughters’ coffins.
AFP – A memorial was also erected in the restaurant itself.
AFP – A memorial was also erected in the restaurant itself.
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