Ukraine. Ukraine: Eight dead and 21 wounded in a Russian attack on Sloviansk

Russian forces advance in the heavily besieged city of Pashmut in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces now control only the western part of the city. There is also an important supply route and it will be under pressure.

According to British intelligence, the Russians have revived their siege of Bashmuyt. Part of the success is said to be due to improved cooperation between the Wagner Group’s mercenaries and soldiers of the regular Russian army, two entities that have been fighting each other for power in recent months.

Mercenaries now provide the main territorial gain in the city centre, while the northern and southern flanks are defended by the Russian Air Force. The British assessment this morning stated that “Ukrainian forces still control the western neighborhoods of the city, but have come under particularly heavy Russian artillery fire over the past 48 hours.”

Therefore, the important supply route to the west of the city is under pressure. The British said that “the Ukrainian forces are facing major supply problems, but they have withdrawn in an orderly manner from positions they have not been able to occupy.”

Fighting is now set to take place mainly in residential areas with tall buildings. According to Wagner, all industrial areas and city service buildings would be in Russian hands.

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