UK’s first case of ‘Delta Crohn’ identified: ‘I see no cause for concern’

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In the UK, a deltakron variant was diagnosed in a man who tested positive for Covid-19. Deltakron is a combination of an omikron variant and a delta variant. But in the UK they say you don’t have to worry about that. “I don’t see any cause for concern,” says infectious disease specialist Stephen Callins (UZ Gent).


The British Health Agency added the new variable, deltakron, to its list of variables to be monitored on Friday. It is suspected that the patient was infected with the delta variant and the omicron variant at the same time, and that the new variant arose in this way. It is not clear how many cases of deltachrone are. But experts in the British media say that number is small anyway. Moreover, according to them, our current immunity would work well against it.

“There are many variants that are still increasing, in Denmark for example, but that is very normal,” says infectious disease specialist Stephen Callins (UZ Gent). “We will always have variants. New species will emerge and existing ones will disappear, as has happened many times during the pandemic. But at the moment, we see no reason to worry about this.”

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