Twelve oysters and a pint and a cocktail? 400 euros please: a couple ‘shocked’ by a bill on their honeymoon

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It was fun. During their honeymoon in Mykonos, a British couple stopped in a restaurant for a pint, cocktail and oysters. But then the bill came: 390 euros. They only paid when they said they were intimidated by the owners. They do evil in their story woman.

Restaurant along the beach in Mykonos. An idyllic spot during Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex’s honeymoon (both 30 years old). In the photos they took there, the two are smiling broadly. With beer, with Aperol Spritz, with oysters too. Unfortunately they lost their laugh when the bill came.

The Canadian couple said they immediately sensed that the waiters wanted to eat oysters. “They had already asked when we walked in. twelvethey asked. We said yes, because that’s a typical amount,” says Lindsey woman. I ordered a pint, and ordered an Aperol Spritz as there was no cocktail menu. “We have giant glasses. However, we had just ordered it.”

It became increasingly clear that something wasn’t quite normal. Especially when the waiter insisted on eating the crab or dessert. When Alex came back from the bathroom, Lindsay understood why they hadn’t got a menu yet. “He saw a menu and said oysters were €29,” says Lindsey. “We both went. We were already afraid of the bill.”

When they got it, it had an incredible number: 400 euros. “My husband had to pay in a room at the back, very strange. He got scared, so he paid for it. He didn’t dare to do otherwise to avoid trouble. It was obvious that they were taking advantage of the tourists there. I still can’t believe it. It’s crazy that you have to To pay so much for a snack. We were shocked.”

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The case, called DK Oyster, is riddled with negative reviews online. Canadians are now added to that. But the director reacts succinctly to all criticism online. “The prices you pay seem right to me, as stated on the card,” he writes over and over, or comes up with other questions and reservations.

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