Unhealthy food in hospitals: not only a priority

Ban Agreement: Nine Years Remaining

There are certainly plans to make hospital listings more correct. The Prevention Agreement, which aims to achieve a healthier society in many areas, states that hospitals should offer a fully healthy menu by 2030. By 2025, this should apply to half of all hospitals. “I would really like to push this term forward. I really hope it will happen next week or next month.”

A spokeswoman for Isala Hospital, where de Vries’ son was, says: “As a hospital, we support the importance of healthy food for patients, visitors and staff. Fruit and vegetables are certainly served in our hospital, and we want that to increase as well. We are taking steps to comply with the National Prevention Convention. It is true that this It has not yet appeared in our hospital at all times. At the same time, there is also a demand for less healthy food. It is the challenge to satisfy all desires.”

Non-compliance is over

De Vries admits it’s important to give people a choice, but: “We’re really out of a non-committal nature. Even if you’re sick, it’s important to live as healthy as possible. Realize that the problems are head-on to getting care and in the hospital, to be big Oh really “.

That’s why de Vries would like to see a change, too, in the mentality of the hospital staff. “I hardly learned anything about it during my training. I don’t think officials and medical professionals are sufficiently aware of the impact of healthy eating on treatment.”

settle on less money

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So de Vries appeals to these directors. “How do they get out of bed in the morning? Do they want to contribute something to the world, or do they want to make a lot of money? Maybe the caterer will earn less if you run out of a healthy menu. And so they will want less hospital rent that pays for the restaurant space in the hospital. But after That the hospital has to agree that there is a little less income.”

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