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Space lovers: This week you can discover more towering stars. The annual Perseids Rain Star delivers up to 69 blocks per hour at night from Thursday through Friday. Also the next night, about 34 stars per hour will be visible. In addition, the weather is favorable for us with clear periods ahead.

This year, more shooting stars can be seen during Perseids than in other years. It’s about moonlight. New moon on August 9. Then the moon is almost between the earth and the sun. This gives us a dark moon, which makes it very easy to spot falling stars. After all, moonlight is less powerful.

If you want to spot meteors, take your chance this week. In 2022, the moon will be full, and due to the strong light you can see only 16 hours per hour.


Although most meteors can be seen on Friday, August 13, the number of visible meteors is also large on the nights before and after. For example, about 34 stars per hour will be visible the next night and about 35 per hour on Sunday, August 15.

How do?

The Perseid meteor appears to appear from a point on the northeastern horizon. So it is best to look in that direction. If you want to enjoy the starry rain to the fullest, you can always use the following tips from Meteovista.

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– find dark place Without artificial light. More meteors can be seen from the open field than from a city-lit backyard.

– take care of clear vision on the dome of the sky. Even if trees, shrubs, or buildings block only a small part of the sky, some falling stars will not be visible.

Leave the eye for 15 minutes so you get used to to the dark. So don’t look at a smartphone with a bright light while you wait.

– Take regularly pause, because the eyes get tired very quickly from staring.

– be fit He eats and drinks enough. The eyes need this energy to see properly.

– Trek warm clothes in a. This also applies to summer, because if you sit outside at night for a long time, it will cool down quickly.

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