US appeals court says Trump must testify about document being released overseas

In a lawsuit over the release of documents, the Court of Appeals indicted former US President Donald Trump and his two children, Ivanka and Donald Jr. forced to testify. Trump did not want to do so, but justice dismissed his arguments in favor of it. So says Letitia James, the New York attorney general.

So the February New York court ruling remains in effect. Trump has always said he is a victim of a “witch hunt.”


A few days ago, it was already announced that the ex-president had paid a fine of 110 thousand dollars in the legal battle, which transferred about 104 thousand euros. But despite these payments, Trump has not yet provided information about the search for the documents. Otherwise, another settlement would go into effect, requiring Trump to pay a fine of $10,000 per day for contempt of justice.

Fraudulent business practices

The background is a civil investigation by Democrat Laetitia James against the Republican Trump Corporation’s empire for alleged fraudulent business practices. The former president and his Trump organization are said to have used deceptive and misleading financial reports to reap economic benefits. In addition, his empire is said to have spread false information about the value of real estate.

Trump Empire

The Trump group rejects these allegations. CNBC reported that Trump’s lawyers said they could not identify the documents James requested.

Donald Trump is the founder of the Trump Organization, and he has Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump, Vice President of the Real Estate Business Conglomerate. Meanwhile, a criminal investigation into Trump and his empire is underway in New York.

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