US Police Force Under Fire After Officers Use Image Of Black Man During Shooting Lesson: “This Is A Joke, Isn’t It?” | outside

An investigation has been opened with the Villa Rica, Georgia, US police force. Police posted some photos of a shooting cycle of civilians on Facebook earlier this week, but it quickly unleashed a wave of criticism. The reason: the images show how agents use an image of a black man as a target.

The Vila Rica police force took the photos offline a few hours later, but screenshots are still circulating on social media. At this past Saturday’s event, the townspeople had the opportunity to learn how to shoot. But the target they shot at – a life-size portrait of a black man – sparked outrage.

“Isn’t that a joke? Of all the photos in the world, would you use this one? How can this still be acceptable in 2023?” “It would have been more professional if I had used multiple photos, both genders, different races and different ages. Criminals come in all shapes and this is an important message for citizens,” wrote another. “Insulting, disrespectful, and disgusting,” it sounded.

“innocent mistake”

The police department responded to the criticism with a new letter Wednesday. “The targets we used for our last shooting lesson show realistic human images and are part of a group of target images of people of different races,” she said. “It was never our intention to come across as insensitive or offensive.” The Corps also apologized for “any offense we may have caused”.

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According to Police Chief Michael Mansour, targeted shootings are being used on black men across the state. But he confirms that there are also pictures of white or Asian people practicing marksmanship. It appears that the agent who accidentally posted the message last weekend only shared disc pics with the black man. “It was just an innocent mistake,” Mansour told NBC News. “We made a mistake, but I don’t accept people calling us racists now,” he says.

Gil McDougal, Mayor Villa Rica, told The Telegraph that he was “personally embarrassed” by the photos. He stressed that the incident “does not reflect the values ​​of our society.” McDougall has now opened an investigation into the incident.

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