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What do you get if you repair a Samsung phone yourself with the new phone? self-repair program? In the lead up to a do-it-yourself Galaxy S21 Ultra fix, we’ve already taken a look at it self-repair eviction.

Samsung Self Repair Kit: That’s what you get

Earlier this week, Samsung finally launched it officially self-repair program in some European countries. From now on, you can also choose to fix your phone yourself in the Netherlands and Belgium. But of course not everyone has the proper training and experience to handle the complex electronics of a modern smartphone. And so we take a look at the practical side of it self-repair program.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s opening fell prey to really tricking you, resulting in a crack in the screen. This immediately makes the device the ideal test case self-repair to try. We will explain the full repair process in detail at a later date. Today we simply look at what you get (important: you can buy) to change the display yourself.

Simplified repair

One of the biggest hurdles in the way of a brand new phone screen is the battery. On Samsung phones from before 2023, it is still attached to the part of the body that also contains the screen. Turning the screws yourself is one thing, but disassembling the adhesive battery is a step that requires more skill and experience. And you can’t expect to experience it now self-repair uses. Fortunately, Samsung and its partners have a workaround for that.

If you are About vigilant snooping In the self-repair shop, one thing stands out. You can’t replace the screen or the battery – only both. This means that you never have to soak the battery yourself, and the whole procedure is even easier. So you always have to replace the screen and battery at the same time. Indeed: that is exactly what we received in Galaxy S21 Ultra display and battery repair kit:

Galaxy S21 Ultra battery and screen repair kit: Approximately half of the phone

You also get a bag with the parts you need to put your phone back together: tape to stick the back glass and front camera in place, plus tape for the inner metal plate and microphone hole. There are two bags with two kinds of screws.

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If you have the necessary tools, you can save a few bucks and not order the official Samsung toolkit. But secretly it comes in handy if you have exactly the right tools available.

The set includes a suction cup, a PH0 screwdriver, two types of tools for opening or loosening objects, and a warming bag. You can heat this in the microwave to soften the backing board adhesive.

In the video guide, Samsung also recommends safety equipment, consisting of goggles, a mask, and gloves. These gloves protect you – and your phone – from electrostatic discharge when you touch them. However, goggles, mask and gloves are not included. We leave it up to you to draw conclusions from that.


In the Self repair kit There is no manual, and you also won’t get further explanation with the tools. For that you have to go to Samsung website again. There you will find more comprehensive videos and written guides.

the Self-repair assistant The application is available on devices that support it self-repair Software: Galaxy S20, S21, and S22. You can find it at Galaxy Store is here. It is not an app that practically helps you in the repair itself. This will also be a little strange, since you just unlocked your phone. What the app does is calibrate new components that you have installed yourself. This ensures that everything works properly again after the repair.

The fix itself: He follows….

Now we are Self repair kit For our Galaxy S21 Ultra we have the necessary tools and have already sharpened the video guide, we just have the process itself. Only then can we give you a real impression of what it’s like to fix a Samsung phone yourself, after all. We will explain the fix itself in detail in a later article. In the meantime we wish you a nice weekend!

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