Valheim and Loop Hero are two best sellers on Steam

It was already evident that Loop Hero was a hit on Steam, and now we know how much to hit. The Dungeons and dragonsThe RPG-inspired RPG published by Devolver Digital and developed by Four Quarters rose to number two this week. Steam Best Sellers List

The second place below the irresistible Valheim means that the two best cumulative winners from last week on the Valve Store are indie games, which isn’t a big deal when you think of some of the other entries. The adventure and action game for Looter shooter Outriders has been boosted from 7th to 5th, which means the demo available is clearly doing something right. Hades, the great roguelike that was one of our games for 2020, is back on the list and is currently enjoying a 20% discount to attract new players.

Tale of Immortal, a Chinese open-world game that’s been popular in the charts recently, slipped from third to sixth. The developers there celebrate selling 1.8 million copies a month by doubling the size of the English translation. More DnD action, Baldur’s Gate 3 is also moving step-by-step, from nine to eight, and the free weekend has given Dying Light a boon. Deep Rock Galactic and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive closed singles matches for fourth and ninth spots, respectively.

Ian Boudreau had a great time reviewing Loop Hero, writing, “Even what I thought would be my main complaint – that there isn’t enough Loop Hero to discover – none of this lasts well when I’ve been around for up to 20 hours. Later. Discover new tile interactions I can try on future launches. “

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Valheim has sold five million copies as of this week, which means you shouldn’t expect to relocate them anytime soon. Players have prepared some wild projects in the construction game, like Stormwind Harbor from World of Warcraft. Here’s Valheim’s progress guide to get you started, if you haven’t already.

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